Speaking of the English syllabus, students will find themselves going through classical content for the most part, since a lot of the literature involved dates back to as early as the Shakespearean era, as well as European literature. When we dig into the entirety of the UGC NET syllabus, you may come to realise that English is the only subject to not have any specific topics under its units. For this reason, we've divided the table according to the core units and the elective units. Excluding elective units, the listed units are ordered by their unit numbers from introductory to advanced units.

Syllabus Units

Unit - I : Drama

Unit - II : Poetry

Unit - III : Fiction, short story

Unit - IV : Non-Fictional Prose

Unit - V : Language: Basic concepts, theories and pedagogy. English in Use.

Unit - VI : English in India: history, evolution and futures

Unit - VII : Cultural Studies

Unit - VIII : Literary Criticism

Unit - IX : Literary Theory post World War II

Unit - X : Research Methods and Materials in English

Sub Topics

Module 1 - British Literature

Module 2 - American Literature

Module 3 - Postcolonial Literature

Module 4 - European Literature

Module 5 - Indian Literature

Module 6 - Literary Criticism

Module 7 - Literary Theory

Module 8 - Literary Terms & Devices

Module 9 - Literary Movement

Module 10 - Language & Pedagogy

Module 11 - English in India

Module 12 - Cultural Studies

Module 13 - Research Methodology

NOTE: The first four units must also be tested through comprehension passages to assess critical reading, critical thinking and writing skills. These four units will cover all literatures in English.