TIFR Syllabus designed for to crack the examination & obtain better rank in TIFR entrance Exam, Comprises 4 sections, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Candidates by now can check the subject wise Detailed TIFR syllabus

The test will be extremely basic and cover topics in MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY and BIOLOGY.

Admission Procedure

The TIFR University runs Ph.D. and integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. programmes in all areas of natural sciences that includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well as in Mathematics and Computer Science. TIFR also supports selective M.Sc. program in various sub-domains of Biology.

The graduate program is administered not only in the main TIFR Mumbai campus, but in all the Centres located in other parts of India. Degrees are awarded in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Wildlife Biology, Mathematics, Computers and Systems Science and in Science Education. Typically the Ph.D. program is for five-years, the integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. programme is for six years and the M.Sc. programme is for two years. Students are admitted to TIFR through a rigorous selection process, which involves a written test, followed by an interview. Selection is strictly by merit: only the top 1.5 percent applicants are selected.

The admissions procedure (in all subjects, except Science Education) consists of an online test at one of the several nationwide centres, followed by interviews of shortlisted candidates.