MSc Entrance Examination (IIT JAM , JEST , JNU , TIFR , DU , BHU) ONLINE TEST SERIES

The tests are designed to take account of the changing interest in JEST Physics (JEST, TIFR, DU, GAT-B, BHU, and JNU).
The online test series for JEST physics has been reviewed by the most experienced educators of IFAS.
The JEST online test series are carried out by the expert group.
You can try the online test suite anytime you want.

TEST 01 : Mathematical Physics
TEST 02 : Classical Mechanics
TEST 03 : Electromagnetism & Optics
TEST 04 : Quantum Mechanics
TEST 05 : Thermodynamics & Statistical Physics
TEST 06 : Electronics
MOCK TEST 01 : Complete Syllabus
MOCK TEST 02 : Complete Syllabus
MOCK TEST 03 : Complete Syllabus

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Subscription: 30 March 2023


On the test day, IFAS experts will provide detailed video solutions for each test in the IFAS application.

All discussions about tests conducted by students using IFAS are recorded for future reference so that students can check them at any time in the future and get a better view.

If for some reason a student misses the video solution on the day of the exam, the video solution will also be recorded, and the student can watch the same video solution later.