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How to Make the Most of the Last Few Weeks Before NEET 2020

It’s that time of the year when students appear for competitive exams like NEET to secure a seat in the most prestigious medical colleges in India. The past few months have already been busy, with students working hard towards their medical dream. With only a few weeks left before the NEET 2020 exam, it’s time to review a year’s performance and take steps towards strengthening the chances of securing a medical seat.

NEET exam has seen changes with some additions and deletions this year. The exam pattern, however, remains the same. Students are in the last stage before attempting one of the most crucial exams of their life. Keeping in mind that NEET exam is merely weeks away, here’s how students can make the most of the time that’s left.

Start Practicing Extensively

Since only a few weeks are left for the NEET exam, all students have already covered the syllabus. At this point, the only thing that a student can do is practice to perfection. It is the time to practice all that one has prepared since last year. Students should solve as many NEET samples papers as they can to leave no room for surprise questions. Solving previous year question papers and sample papers is also a terrific way to increase confidence. It will also speed up the paper-solving skills and give a real sense of taking the examination.

Revise Thoroughly

Weeks before the NEET exam, most students will start revising the entire syllabus of all subjects. It helps them brush up important points, theorems, facts, concepts, and formulas. Not only does this help in boosting confidence, but it can also potentially highlight areas that a student might not be well-versed as other topics. Sticking to a schedule while revising is equally essential.

Don’t Pick Up Any New Topic

One of the significant mistakes students make is that they pick new topics just a few days before the NEET exam. If for any reason whatsoever, a student has forgotten to or not prepared for a particular topic, it is wise to leave it. Starting something new at this point will negatively impact performance at the time of the exam. Revising what one already knows and preparing it in a better way should be the aim.


Students have already worked hard for a year, and the NEET 2020 exam is only getting closer. At this time students are stressed out and can even panic. It’s true NEET exam is crucial and stressing out can be natural. Getting rid of the stress is vital, and students can include some things in their everyday schedule. Playing a sport, reading a book, painting, listening to music,watching a movie, or even doing yoga can help in destressing. Also, eliminating negative thoughts is essential if a student wants to keep stress away.

Getting Enough Sleep

With the NEET 2020 exam only weeks away, it’s wise to start getting enough sleep and change the pattern. Sleeping enough will also keep stress away and make a student more productive the next day. Remember, eight hours of sleep is necessary to be active and fresh the next day. Staying focused weeks before the NEET 2020 exam will translate into better performance. Getting enough sleep will make sure one gets there!

Ease out the burden of competitive exams like NEET 2020 by following the important tips mentioned above. Remember, the road towards any destination is incomplete if one is not prepared well. When there are only days left before NEET exam, make sure to buckle up the spirits, be confident and prepare well. Don’t skip on revision or solving mock test papers and consulting your teachers in case of any doubts.