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Follow these tips to be ready for NEET Exam

The fact cannot be denied that the last phase of preparation is a crucial juncture. With barely a day or two to go, it is normal to get a little nervous. However, you need to get over your fears and give it your best shot as cracking NEET is crucial to give a head start to your medical dreams. True NEET is a hard shell to crack, but the following tips can help you make crack the exam.

Make the Most of your Time

At this crucial time when every second counts, you are advised to make the most of your time. Therefore, you should divide your time subject wise. Pick up the subject you are strong in first as you will be able to go through it quickly saving time for the other subjects.

Flip through your Notes

With barely a few days left, it is time to flip through your notes, go through the cheat sheet, take a look at the important topics as it will quickly brush up your knowledge in a short time, thereby saving your precious time.

Fix Doubts Instantly

If you still have some doubts or need any kind of clarification, do it now. Do not enter the exam hall with any kind of doubt on any concept or topic. Reach out to your teachers or peers and fix all your queries. This is the time to strengthen what you know and be confident about your preparation.

Nothing New to Learn at this Time

The most important strategy that you can make use of now is revising what you already know and avoid the unread portions. Utilize this critical time by strengthening your knowledge and concepts by revising them. Learning new things at this point of time will only confuse you and waste your time.

Work Smartly

With time moving so fast it is important for you to work smartly and revise what you already know. Be attentive and alert during your revision and pay extra attention to important topics. In addition to this, Make sure you know all the important formulas and equations.

Have a positive Mindset

Lastly, make sure to adopt a positive mindset. Always remember that a positive attitude keeps negativity at bay and helps you cope up with exam stress. It is important to get rid of all your anxieties before the big day and attempt the exam with a fresh mind. For that it is essential to eat right, sleep well and have faith in your abilities.