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DO’s and Don’ts to Crack NEET 2020

With hardly a few days left for the NEET Exam 2020, a lot of things must be running in your mind. This blog represents a list of do’s and don’ts one must follow to crack NEET 2020.

DO’s to Crack NEET 2020

Create a Real time schedule

List down all the topics that are to be asked in the exam. Plan out your schedule and follow it strictly.

Pay attention to strong and weak areas

This is the right time to assess your preparation levels for NEET 2020 and allocate time to tackle those areas where you face difficulty. Pay attention to weaker segments and solve as many test papers as possible to crack those difficult portions.

Follow the 5 R’s Strategy

The 5 R strategy stands for Read, Remember, Revision, Review and Result. This is one of the best ways to crack NEET 2020.

Join the Mock Test Series

Taking mock tests will help to strengthen your preparation method and build up a high confidence level. Students will be able to analyze their scores and reduce errors as well. Mock tests help students to evaluate the time spent on each section.


Don’ts to Crack NEET 2020

Do not Adapt New Strategies in the Last Minute

Do not learn new techniques or shortcuts in this short span of time which can lead to confusion. Instead, you can use this time to strengthen the NEET Preparation.

Do not Postpone

Postpone is the biggest enemy on the path of success. Follow the schedule as mentioned in your timetable. Start your preparation at the right time. Therefore, it is advised not to waste time. Do not postpone the required preparation and abide by your schedule for fruitful results.

Do not lose confidence

Do not lose confidence due to the poor scores. This may have a negative effect on your preparation and performance. Everyone should give their best shot without worrying about the results.